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We Love This Organic Virgin & Fair Trade Coconut Oil *Sun Lovers Need Coconut Oil

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We Love this Virgin & Fair Trade Coconut Oil from Thrive Market.  for lots of reasons.

The health benefits are amazing and Thrive Market is the leader in offering high quality, organic, affordable, healthy products and our family uses this on a daily basis,(like adding it to smoothies for our kids).

We are in the sun a lot. Here are some interesting benefits of using coconut oil if you are an active sunlover too!

Coconuts are an excellent source of nutrition and have healthful meat, juice, and oil. The oil is arguably the most nutritious and has many health benefits. Coconut oil is over 90% saturated fat and has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It also has great antioxidant properties and it helps in the absorption of other minerals.

Coconut oil is an incredible source of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which have been shown to have many health benefits.

What does this have to do with the sun?

The light emitted by the sun consists of three frequency bands of radiation: infrared, visible, and ultraviolet rays.

There are 2 basic types of commercial sunscreen lotions on the market: products that penetrate the outermost layer of the skin to absorb UV rays and products which coat the surface of the skin to act as physical barriers to UV rays. Both of these will be rated with a sun protection factor (SPF) which lets you know how much protection is provided.

The chemical compounds that make up these SPF lotions are mostly synthetic and will have a highly toxic affect on and in the body.

Recent research by the cancer foundation indicated that it was some of these commercial sunscreens that contributed to the development of cancer due to their chemical additives. We are now coming back to our grass roots and looking for healthier natural remedies.

So how does coconut oil offer skin protection?

"The first commercial suntan and sun screen lotions contained coconut oil as their primary ingredient. Even today many sun screen lotions include coconut oil in their formulas. Coconut oil has an amazing ability to heal the skin and block the damaging effects of UV radiation from the sun. One of the reasons why it is so effective in protecting the skin is its antioxidant properties, which helps prevent burning and oxidative damage that promotes skin cancer."

So why is it  hat it works wonders for some and not for others? The effectiveness of coconut oil in protecting you from sunburn depends also on your diet.

Dr Bruce Fife also relates that when you eat large amounts of unsaturated oils they will remain in your skin tissues. This is particular with polyunsaturated oils as they are often hydrogenated and even rancid. Unsaturated oils are also heat and light sensitive (will oxidise easily). These oils are highly vulnerable to peroxidation and contribute to the cause of sunburn.

So to get the great affects of coconut oil as a natural sunscreen keep your diet free from unhealthy fats and oils. Your skin can then remain clean and free from the micro-fungi and bacteria that these displaced oils will create on your skin. It will also be useful to use coconut oil as a moisturiser and to exfoliate regularly.

If you are not used to getting a lot of sun it's a good idea to limit your exposure to start with as your body needs to get used to producing it's natural protective layers. Your body needs to build up it's natural tolerance.

It is also important to use coconut oil for cooking and consume coconut oil daily as this will help to detox your body, and most of all by using it as a cooking oil, you will stop ingesting 'displaced oxidised oils'. When an unsaturated oil is heated it becomes displaced and highly toxic in the body, this toxicity will then contribute to the cause sunburn.

Coconut Magic Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil can be used both internally and externally for best results. You can get your coconut oil here at discounted prices and free shipping




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